Great American Magnets!

America's Favorite Source for Custom Souvenir Magnets and Postcards!

Postcards and magnets are the number one and two selling souvenir items in America, and a successfull sales campaign starts with the proper selection of excellent images taylored to your specific store or location. Wholesale souvenir buyers throughout America rely on us to provide them with premium quality images for their souvenir magnets and postcards and the best of a great American Made souvenir product to offer the buying American public.

We specialize in CUSTOM at no extra charge! Once you deceide to become a Northern Graphics customer, we do everything in our power to assure that you have a product line that sells. Besides an excellent image, a custom name drop is just as important, and we provide that for you as part of the deal. Of course, you'll receive image proofs before printing.

We have an impressive selection of photos and art from locations all across the country, available as a postcard or Magnet, designed specifically for you or your location.

Although wholesale souvenir magnets and postcards are a big portion of our business, there's much much more. In addition to items like note cards and greeting cards, we produce brochures, books and booklets, and other printed meterials. We also offer some of our best images as art prints. Some of these images are available on a canvas medium expressed and appreciated much like the fine art that has documented the expressions of artists throughout history. As a result, folks all across America are enjoying a wonderful art form that represents what is America. The people, the places, the animals, and the wonders of this great country.

Let Picture This Country help you express the impressive beauty of your little part of America, in the language of a thousand words. Be it an archival canvas print, a matted paper print, a coffee table book, a postcard or a souvenir magnet, everyone can enjoy America one picture at a time through